Makeup pen assembly machine

Makeup pen assembly machine

Product Details

Cosmetics assembly machine | Cosmetic pen assembly machine intelligent double-out type GRK-T580

The makeup pen assembly equipment automatically realizes a series of automatic filling of the pen body/packing cotton core/filling liquid/connecting piece/pen positioning/automatic pen head/automatic loading cover. Adding an automated assembly system to the plant can increase production while reducing the price of the product, providing an opportunity for direct and indirect labor cost savings. Automation can be tailored to unique specific needs or to different industries (from electronics, medical devices, cosmetics to stationery). The cosmetics industry is a direct beneficiary of automated machines. Almost all aspects of production and packaging can be automated, and the use of cosmetic assembly automation also helps ensure that the final product does not contain any foreign particles or contaminants. Your business will be able to produce safer products. Machines can also be manufactured using inspection techniques. Cosmetic testing tools ensure that your products meet high standards;

Scope of application: The cosmetic pen assembly machine is mainly used for automatic assembly and production of various types of makeup pens;

Machine characteristics: This machine adopts European high steel structure;

Intelligent part: It adopts advanced high-performance PLC with touch screen control, which is simpler to operate, adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and saves energy;

Mechanical linkage part: the use of high-efficiency electronic cam with precision mechanical cam utilizes unified main power, no chain drive. Can effectively improve the stability and durability of work;

Automatic feeding part: The makeup assembly equipment adopts vibration feeding mode to effectively improve the feeding effect;

Makeup pen assembly machine parameters:  

Power source: 220/380volt 50/60Hz 2/3phases

Dimensions: L3400mm × W1200mm × H1800mm

Working speed: 4200pcs/hour Machine weight: Appro2000kg

Gas source: 5-7kgf/cm2 Power: 1.5kw