Cosmetic container assembly inspection machine

Cosmetic container assembly inspection machine

Product Details

Cosmetics assembly machinery | Cosmetics container assembly inspection machine Intelligent double-out type GRK-JC500

Scope of application: It is mainly used for testing various types of cosmetic containers, providing users with a complete range of testing equipment;
Machine characteristics: cosmetic container assembly inspection machine Adopting European high steel structure;
Intelligent part: the use of advanced high-performance PLC with touch screen control, even the smallest particles in the inspection process will not have a chance, the operation is simpler, the use of frequency control, more convenient and clear, environmental protection and energy saving;
Mechanical linkage part: the use of high-efficiency electronic cam with precision mechanical cam utilizes unified main power, no chain drive. Can effectively improve the stability and durability of work. Prevent breakage and reduce costly downtime. The perfect interaction between all components maximizes productivity and minimizes product loss;
Automatic feeding part: The cosmetic assembly machine adopts vibration feeding mode to effectively improve the feeding effect;

Cosmetic assembly machinery ‍ parameters:
Power source: 220/380volt 50/60Hz 2/3phases
Dimensions: L1200mm × W1200mm × H1800mm
Working speed: 4200pcs/hour Machine weight: Appro2000kg
Gas source: 5-7kgf/cm2 Power: 1.5kw

Graco has always adhered to the research and development of cosmetic machinery, medical machinery, intelligent equipment and related ancillary products. Through teamwork, insights have overcome a number of professional problems. We have developed a number of industrial process optimization solutions; an excellent R&D team, an efficient production team has never stopped exploring, aiming to continuously improve the quality of all parties and protect the interests of our customers. "Smart Assembly Customization Expert----Greek"

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