Carbon pen assembly machine

Carbon pen assembly machine

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Pencil assembly machine | Carbon pen assembly machine Smart double output GRK-Z530

Automated assembly can reduce labor costs and save both direct and indirect labor costs. When the company adds automation equipment, it frees up more time for employees, and employees no longer need to perform automated tasks so they can perform other tasks that cannot be automated and will help the company. Switching to automatic assembly reduces material handling and component positioning time; ongoing inventory, replacing batch operations; finished product inventory; scrap; defective parts; and personnel training. All of these cuts can ultimately save manufacturers a lot of money;

Scope of application: It is mainly used for automatic assembly and production of various types of carbon grams pens;

Machine characteristics: makeup pen assembly machine This machine adopts European high steel structure;

Intelligent part: It adopts advanced high-performance PLC with touch screen control, which is simpler to operate, adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and saves energy;

Mechanical linkage part: the use of high-efficiency electronic cam with precision mechanical cam utilizes unified main power, no chain drive. Can effectively improve the stability and durability of work;

Automatic feeding part: the vibration feeding mode is adopted to effectively improve the feeding effect;


Cosmetic pen assembly machine equipment parameters:

Power source: 220/380volt 50/60Hz 2/3phases

Dimensions: L1200mm × W1200mm × H1800mm

Working speed: 4200pcs/hour Machine weight: Appro2000kg

Gas source: 5-7kgf/cm2 Power: 1.5kw