Medical nozzle assembly machine

Medical nozzle assembly machine

Product Details

Medical nozzle assembly machine intelligent double-out type GRK-T43

With the development of the times, automatic assembly seems to have a new development. It is an amazing innovation that can help enterprises to liberate labor and reduce their dependence on manual labor. It can be applied not only to large-scale production processes, but also to applications. High-mixing and small-batch production environment ensures uniform product quality and reduces finished product inventory; waste; defective parts, saving cost;

Scope of application: The nozzle assembly equipment is mainly suitable for automatic assembly and production of various types of nozzles of different styles;

Machine characteristics: the nozzle assembly machine equipment adopts European high steel structure;

Intelligent part: It adopts advanced high-performance PLC with touch screen control, which is simpler to operate, adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and saves energy;

Mechanical linkage part: the use of high-efficiency electronic cam with precision mechanical cam utilizes unified main power, no chain drive. Can effectively improve the stability and durability of work;

Automatic feeding part: the vibration feeding mode is adopted to effectively improve the feeding effect;

Nozzle assembly machine equipment parameters:

Power source: 220/380volt 50/60Hz 2/3phases

Dimensions: L3400mm × W1200mm × H1800mm

Working speed: 4200pcs/hour Machine weight: Appro2000kg

Gas source: 5-7kgf/cm2 Power: 1.5kw