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Medical equipment automatic production equipment - blood collection needle assembly machine
- 2018-06-20-

Medical equipment automatic production equipment - blood collection needle assembly machine

As the market continues to change, the competition in the pen-making machinery industry is intensifying, various types of costs are rising, and customers' demand for prices is getting lower and lower. In response to the market, Greco responded positively. Based on the concept of active innovation and courage to change, we constantly designed all kinds of high-precision assembly and filling equipment, continuously improved and innovated in the field of mechanical machinery, and seized the existing stationery machinery. The market, as well as other industry controllable products have also been researched, developed, designed and manufactured. Now we have realized multi-automated precision production lines for products in other fields such as medical industry, cosmetics industry, electrical component switches, etc.;

Zhejiang blood collection needle assembly machine is a pure non-standard automation equipment tailored to customers' products. The machine realizes automatic housing/shell inspection/slider assembly/slider forward/reverse detection/needle assembly/needle detection/spring assembly /spring detection / needle assembly displacement and assembly displacement detection / tail plug installation / tail plug detection / cover U-turn compression / housing U-turn detection / rotating cap installation / rotating cap detection / rotating cap secondary clamping / defective rejection / The integrated assembly of the finished product receipt is completed;

Machine characteristics: Zhejiang blood collection needle assembly machine adopts European high steel structure.
Intelligent part: It adopts advanced high-performance PLC with touch screen control, which is simpler to operate, adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and saves energy;
Mechanical linkage part: the use of high-efficiency electronic cam with precision mechanical cam to utilize the unified main power, no chain drive, can effectively improve the work stability and durability;

Mechanical parameters:
Power: 220/380volt 50/60Hz 2/3phases
Power (KVA): Appro: 1.5kw
Operating speed (OperatingRate): 80-100pcs/min
Machine weight (Weight): Appro: 2500kg
Pneumatic: 5-6kgf/cm2
Dimensions: L2700mm × W1400mm × H1800mm

With the corporate culture of “continuous improvement, courage to change, innovation, quality production, quality as the root”, Greco will move toward a higher goal;

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