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2018 - Greco is invited to Shanghai Beauty Expo
- 2018-06-20-

Shanghai Beauty Expo Exhibition:
The 23rd China Beauty Expo (Shanghai CBE) will be held from May 22nd to 24th, 2018 at the Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center. Shanghai CBE is the premier beauty industry trade event in the Asian region, and is the best choice for many industry professionals to explore the Chinese market and even the Asian beauty industry. Shanghai CBE consists of four major themed exhibitions - Cosmetics Exhibition, Professional Beauty Exhibition, Daily Chemical Technology Exhibition and Raw Material Formulation Exhibition. It is also linked with Chengdu Meibo Fair across the region. It has more than ten exhibitions across the country and overseas countries to create a year-round exhibition. Uninterrupted in-depth publicity and global strategic layout;

China Beauty Expo aims to build a beauty and cosmetics industry and a full-scale segmentation trade platform covering upstream and downstream industries, bringing together all-channel buyer buyers and professional R&D technicians to provide information exchange, trade negotiation and industry solutions. Service, more than 60 professional forum events held in the same period, invited authoritative experts to lead the industry development trend;

Shanghai Beauty Expo Exhibition Time:
Our company will be in Beijing New Year International Exhibition Center, Pudong New Area, Booth No.: N3B76, 2018.5.22-5.24.

The products exhibited by Greco are:
1: Eyeliner assembly machine
2: Makeup pen assembly machine
3: lipstick tube assembly machine
4: lipstick brush assembly machine

Welcome friends and engineers to visit our booth to guide the latest technology research and development achievements. Greco people always return to the trust and support of our friends with the spirit of craftsmanship and high-tech products! Stay tuned!