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What is the pregnancy test paper bag sealing machine
- 2018-06-20-

Medical equipment filling assembly equipment - pregnancy test paper bag sealing machine
With the formation of industrial automation, more and more companies have to replace the previous mode of manpower operation to accept semi-automatic or fully automatic machines to carry out production. At present, most medical devices and supplies in the medical industry are processed or produced by non-standard automation equipment. For example, the pregnancy test paper bag sealing machine, Greco machinery design according to the characteristics of pregnancy test paper, design custom pregnancy test paper bag sealing machine; mainly used for the automatic packaging production of pregnancy test paper, by putting the pregnancy test paper into the equipment, equipment Automatically pack the test card and the desiccant into the aluminum foil bag, seal the embossing pressure code, and discharge it to the receiving box according to the set quantity;

1. The equipment capacity is 3600PCS/hour, the performance is stable, and the failure rate is small.
2. The equipment is equipped with a photoelectric system to automatically detect whether there are desiccants, cards, etc., to ensure that there are no more installations.
3. The consistency of the product after sealing the test paper bag sealing machine , uniform shape, neat and beautiful.
4. Man-machine interface operation, can directly display the cause and location of the fault when the fault occurs;
5. Cards with different width or length can be compatible with production; the discharging method can be selected, and the discharging will be automatically counted and discharged in sections.

Pregnancy test paper bag sealing machine parameters:
Power source: 380/220V 50/60HZ
Dimensions: 3500*1000*1780*(mm)
Speed: 3600 / hour
Machine weight: 2000Kg
Power: about 1.5KW
Applicable specifications: according to sample design

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