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Makeup pen assembly machine: eyeliner, makeup eyebrow pencil assembly mechanical advantage
- 2018-06-20-

Makeup pen assembly machine : eyeliner assembly machine, makeup eyebrow pencil assembly machine
The eyebrow pencil is a beauty cosmetic for the thrush. There are two kinds of modern eyebrow pencils. One is a wooden pencil type, and the other is a push tube type. When used, the refill is pushed to the depth of the eyebrow color. No important parameter; to complete a finished eyebrow pencil requires dozens of process procedures or even hundreds of processes to be completed and brought to market;

Seven years ago, we crossed the cosmetics machinery industry from the stationery pen machine and learned about the product assembly process of the manufacturer. It is not easy to make a finished eyebrow pencil. The speciality of the product has been expected to be processed, and there is no contact mark or scratch on the automated assembly; therefore, many companies want to be one of the main reasons why automation is too late to go to the equipment. According to the conventional feeding method, the probability of scratching is high. If the robot is used to complete the automatic feeding, the cost is too high for the investment enterprise; because the life value of the single eyebrow pencil is relatively short and the variety is diverse. It is precisely because of the high requirements of the finished product on the machine, Greco is eager to adhere to the research and development of cosmetic machinery, medical machinery, intelligent equipment and related ancillary products. Through teamwork, insights have overcome a professional problem. Developed optimization solutions for many industrial processes;

Currently, Greco Cosmetics Assembly and Filling Equipment has:
1: Eyeliner assembly machine
2: eyebrow pencil assembly machine
3: lipstick tube assembly machine
4: Cosmetic flexible production line
5: Flexible testing production line
6: Cosmetic container assembly machine and inspection machine
7: Cosmetic component assembly machine
8: Lipstick brush assembly machinery, etc...

The machine is simple in operation, simple in maintenance, strong in stability and durability, and adopts electronic cam structure, frequency conversion speed regulation, and high-performance PLC touch screen control. The feeding method selects the automatic feeding according to the particularity of the product to ensure that the product is scratched during the assembly process. Each assembly process has inspection points and defective product rejection devices to prevent defective products from appearing in the assembly process, ensuring 100% yield to the finished product.

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