Switch assembly machine application and maintenance
- 2018-06-20-

Application and maintenance of the plug-in assembly machine :
Simply speaking, the definition of the socket assembly machine/switch assembly machine is to integrate the non-standard automation equipment of the non-market circulation automation system according to the user's production requirements and product requirements. It is manufactured according to the unified industry standards and specifications promulgated by the state. The unit equipment is assembled and is designed and manufactured according to the needs of the customer. Different types of customers have different process requirements. Non-standard automation equipment has a wide range of applications due to its wide range of products;

The main applications of the plug-in assembly machine are:
1. Production and installation of automotive parts in the automobile manufacturing industry;
2, stationery pen industry
3. Electronic and electrical sockets/electrical switch industry;
4. The cosmetics industry and medical machinery also have a wide range of applications;
Plug-in assembly machine maintenance standards:
1. According to the instructions for use of the equipment, establish a reasonable maintenance quota and improve the technical level of maintenance;
2. Check whether the temperature transmitter, pressure transmitter, and electric control valve receiving line are loose or falling off;
3. Check if the temperature transmitter is damp or influent.

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