Medical equipment automatic production equipment - blood glucose needle assembly machine non-standard design customization
- 2018-06-20-

Blood glucose needle assembly machine equipment non-standard design customization:
With the formation of industrial automation, more and more companies have to replace the previous mode of manpower operation to accept semi-automatic or fully automatic machines to carry out production. At present, most of the instruments and supplies in the medical industry are processed or produced by non-standard automation equipment. Such as blood glucose needle assembly machine, nozzle assembly machine , medical card line assembly equipment, pregnancy card assembly equipment, pregnancy test paper bag sealing machine and other equipment are tailored according to the company's product characteristics and product functional requirements combined with customer production needs, tailored Out of automation equipment;

According to the characteristics of blood glucose needle products, Shenzhen Greco Machinery has customized the blood glucose needle assembly machine with non-standard design. It has the following characteristics:
(1) Intelligent double-out type, the product dimensions are not much different, can be compatible with a variety of models (2) elliptical models, high-efficiency electronic cams using the main power transmission.
(3) Automatic feeding, precise installation by robot, and precise installation of robot.
(3) High-precision filling and assembly technology ensures accurate filling and assembly.

The operation of the blood glucose needle device is relatively simple, the staff can use and operate through simple training, the simple operation can shorten the working time, reduce the work pressure of the staff, ensure the safety of use and the safety of the equipment, and is a very important advantage and Features; Shenzhen Greco Machinery also provides other related production equipment, such as pregnancy card automatic assembly machine, pregnancy test paper bag sealing equipment, vacuum blood collection tube assembly equipment, nozzle assembly machine , medical card line assembly equipment, blood cell cover Assembly machine equipment, etc...

The Greco series equipment has the characteristics of high automation, high production efficiency, stable performance, low failure rate and simple operation. It can be customized according to the actual needs of customers. The equipment is fully applicable to various production requirements, which is a powerful enterprise to achieve automatic production. The guarantee; Greco welcomes friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate business.