Makeup pen assembly machine structure and installation
- 2018-06-20-

Automated assembly machinery reduces reliance on manual labor, improves efficiency and quality, lowers product prices, and ensures that product packaging will have consistent packaging, and people's work is prone to defects, especially for complex project assembly. Rick also provides lipstick filling equipment, lipstick brush assembly machine , cosmetic pen assembly machine and other cosmetic filling assembly equipment, welcome to inquire order!

Eyebrow pencil assembly machine structure and installation:
The eyebrow pencil assembly machine grab-displacement-placement mechanism will grasp or position the zero (component) positioned by the escapement mechanism and then move it to another position (usually the assembly work position);

Assembly work agency:
Refers to the mechanism used to complete the main action of the assembly work, such as pressing the workpiece into the workpiece, cutting the nozzle, guiding the arm, installing the seal, guiding the needle, silicone oil, screw cup, nut, pen, pen holder, cap, and A series of automated products such as product rejection and finished products are assembled and produced;

Cosmetic pen assembly machine inspection mechanism :
It is used to test the previous parts of the assembled parts or the machine's previous work results, such as missing parts inspection, size inspection, defect detection, function detection, and material inspection;

Workpiece removal mechanism:
The mechanism for sorting out the assembled qualified parts and the unqualified parts from the machine, the eyebrow pencil assembly machine is very flexible and convenient to install, and only the feeding structure docking the host can run the production;