What are the advantages of automatic and semi-automatic pen-making machinery in Shenzhen?
- 2018-06-20-

With the development of pen light industry, Shenzhen pen mechanical equipment, which is the main processing equipment for pen making, has developed rapidly and has been widely used for its excellent processing and assembly performance. With the rapid development of automatic assembly machines and wide coverage, Shenzhen Pen Machinery hopes to have a deeper understanding of pen-making equipment, and to have more understanding of pen-making equipment;

However, so far, many introductions on the theory of automated pen making, assembly performance, application and design have also paid attention to the problems encountered in the assembly process of pen-making equipment. However, there is no theory in practice. Just like talking on paper. Today, Greco leads everyone to go deep into the factory floor and learn more about it! In the mid-1980s, the pen was not particularly mature. It was not until the mid-to-late 1990s that the pen began to mass production. At that time, the pen was still assembled by hand, which was also related to the economy at that time. The labor was cheap, the technology was not developed, and so on... Until the early 21st century, with the continuous improvement of China’s overall consumption level, the cultural and educational undertakings flourished. The continuous improvement of the concept of consumption, China's pen industry has shown new vitality and vitality, the production and sales of pen products have continued to rise rapidly, but promote the rapid development of the pen industry. Many companies have experienced labor and labor. Many factories that manufacture equipment have begun to develop semi-automatic pen-making equipment to meet market demand. It was not until half a year in 2000 that it began to slowly slow down. Most of the current market is dominated by automatic movement. The following is for the analysis of the semi-automatic and fully automatic Shenzhen pen mechanical equipment , they have advantages and disadvantages!

Semi-automatic pen equipment:
Advantages: cheap price, simple structure, low technical content and low output.
Production process: using rod-type feeding, most of them need manual assembly. The stability is not fully automatic.
Applicable: suitable for small investment, small family, adopted.
Disadvantages: quality is not guaranteed, production efficiency is low, and there are many defective products and it is not convenient to manage.

Fully automatic pen equipment:
Advantages: high output, low cost and fast speed. A worker can view multiple devices at the same time for easy management. The device itself has a self-test function to prevent good products from happening.
Production process: Advanced high-performance PLC with touch screen control, simpler operation, frequency control, energy saving. Vibrating feeding method, powerfully improve the feeding effect. The high-efficiency electronic cam is combined with the precision mechanical cam to utilize the unified main power and no chain drive. Can effectively improve the stability and durability of work.
Applicable: large output, medium and large pen manufacturers.
Disadvantages: None

Grek below briefly introduces the production process of the automatic pen-making equipment:
Production process: automatic lower pen (2 pieces)
Automatically adjust the direction of the pen holder (2 pieces)
Automatic refill (2 pieces)
Automatic degumming cap (nead pen) (2 pieces)
Automatic inner cover (2 pieces)
Automatic tooth (2 pieces)
Automatic loading cover (2 pieces)
Automatic tooth (2 pieces)
Automatic cover (2 pieces)
Finish the finished product.