Pregnancy test paper bag sealing machine assembly steps and application
- 2018-06-20-

Pregnancy test paper bag sealing machine assembly steps and applications:
1. Stable performance, equipment capacity 4000PCS / hour, stable performance, low failure rate;
2. CCD automatic detection of slats: to ensure that the defective reagent strips are directly removed;
3. Automatically remove the head and tail of the slats, using high-precision feeding modules;
4. Equipped with photoelectric system to automatically detect whether it is loaded, desiccant, dropper and card;
5. The bag design is unique, no need to change the existing production process;
6. The sealing is uniform, the shape is uniform, neat and beautiful, direct sealing, no sealing and wearing parts; the imprinted date code is always in the center of the sealing;
7. Man-machine interface operation, when the fault shows the cause of the fault and the fault location, the fault can be quickly eliminated;
8. The cutting strip is unique in design and the viscose condition is good; the tool can be replaced quickly and accurately without alignment or adjustment; the tool is made by vacuum heat treatment of imported steel and has a long service life;
9. When the width, length or thickness dimension of the test strip does not change much, it is freely adjustable and has good compatibility;
10. Pregnancy test paper bag sealing machine comes with a vacuum system to reduce noise and air consumption;
11. There are two ways of discharging for customers to choose; the equipment will automatically count and divide the discharge according to the set requirements;